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Eris' Journal
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Wednesday, April 27th, 2011
11:18 am
Bob isn't as dead as much as he is retired from the public eye. He was having a conversation this morning that I overheard about the hububaloo over that whacky Trump and POTUS Obama.

So, what I hear is Bob saying that, and I'm paraphrasing a little here, the appropriate response to nutjobs is to say "that's nice," then send them on their way like the little demented things they are.

I haven't much talked to Bob about Trump. I had some suspicions that Trump was an avatar of Bob in the 80's, but he seemed to go rogue and was listening more to Loki or Coyote than Bob after that. I think he might be full rogue at this point and trying to build his own little brand. It happens. It doesn't really matter, either.

What I do know is that there is a cacophony of bizarrities currently on display in worldwide media. I mean, shit is getting weird, children. I don't know quite who released the acid in the world leader Kool-Aid, but they seem to have dropped some speed balls in the Tang of the media at the same time. And the hyjinx that are now ensue? Holy chao!

Oh my children, you better get your dancing shoes on. We're gonna shake, rattle and roll. This song has a beat to it that I can booty shake to. My ass is epic, too, children. So things are gonna get jammin'
Saturday, March 26th, 2011
12:36 pm
Beans and Cornbread had a fight.
I was hanging out in Olympus and Ninkasi and Dionysus were having an argument.

Ninkasi was saying that she had more pull with the mortals than Dionysus. People everywhere drink beer. She's been around since the dawn of civilization, and her worship has never ended.

Dionysus disagreed and said that his is a more celebrated worship. That when people plan for a very special event in their lives, they bring wine. The mortals obviously gave more value to his product. You drink beer on the weekend with your buddies, sure. At a wedding, you drink wine.

Things got heated. A smile was on my face, and there was a spring in my step. Dissonance is just a platform to discord, after all.

As usual, though, Athena piped in. She said that Ninkasi's worship was first and more widespread, so of course it became devalued when Dionysus came along. Look throughout time and whenever a god gains supremacy and then is replaced by a different god, the previous god's value to the mortals is diminished and played down. The new god's acolytes sneer at those who worship the old gods and promote their own god as the new thing with those in the know, and those who worship the old gods are looked down on. Bring in the new and throw out the old. It's just common mortal bullshit and doesn't mean anything. Mortals love their dualistic thought, and holding two things to be true forces their minds to have the ideas compete for supremacy.

Everyone harumphed and had a laugh at how "simple" mortals are and went on their way.

I thought it was ironic to hear these assholes talk about how they were above simple competition, but whatever.

See, the thing is my entire gig is the celebration and dissolution of cognitive dissonance, and that was totally what they were talking about. Cognitive dissonance happens whenever you have one idea promoted to you that is in direct opposition to other ideas. If this is true, than that can't be true. That kind of idea.

Well, shit, bitches. The truth is is that the truth isn't. As that old goat Sabbah used to say, "nothing is true, everything is permitted" and hey, the inverse applies, too. As the Roberts liked to add, "everything is true, nothing is permitted."

My thing is to make you look at those deeply held principles and make you laugh your ass off at it's juxtaposition to the other competing principles that surround them.

If you hold, dear to your heart, the simple yet complex idea that everything is equally true, then nothing wins. If you also hold, dear to your heart, the idea that nothing is true, well... now those are two great tastes that taste great together.

Just some ideas for all you sweet little things out there.
Monday, August 4th, 2008
5:27 pm
Surprise Bitches!

I'm back!

pass me a hotdog.
Tuesday, October 15th, 2002
11:20 pm
I have been thinking about what I wanted to say here for a little while. I think what it all coalesces down to is simply Pay Attention. That's all of it. That's all I've ever wanted to say here. Pay attention, and all the permutations of pay attention.

Figure out what your own permutations of pay attention are. I know what mine are.
I know what paying attention has taught me and led me to believe.

If it matters, here it is.
I believe that the only moment we have is now and that the now is eternal. I believe that we are eternal. I believe the universe is sentient and that the sentience it exhibits is our own. I believe that the universe is nuturing and good. I believe that there is not such thing as duality except in a binary way where something is either on or off, and that off doesn't really exist in and on it's own right. I believe in love. I believe in benevolence. I believe that the universe is benvolent and so is my particular lifeline. I believe that at heart you and I are one, and yet we are seperate also. I believe that everything has meaning and that we are all moving towards awareness of our enlightenment. I believe that there's something beyond that though I don't think I am aware of it yet.
I believe in everything, and I believe that all things matter.
I believe there is a big picture that is refracted in every small picture. I believe there is a small picture that is reflected in every big picture.
I believe it would be useful for you to pay attention.
To everything.

I believe that everything that I have to say as an avatar of Eris is merely that. I believe that everything I have to say as an avatar of Eris, at heart, merely that also. I don't have any message bigger than that and I don't have any message further than that. When I walk around as myself, I am simply one of the many people in your life. I am a 30 year old married woman who works for a living as a barista, has a warm and caring family that carefully assembled itself, friends that entertain and enlighten me, two cats that I spend time with, a neverending urge to learn philosophy and comparitive religion (especially centered on traditional Kaballah) and a basic life. I go out, I stay in, I watch Buffy, I talk, I love. I am you, and I am thousands like you. We all are. I'm not important except to myself, and a handful of others, and I'm okay with that bacause honestly I'm very very important to myself. I hope you are also. If you're paying attention you would notice how important you are. We all are. We are all unique. We are all important. Start focusing on that, okay?

That is all.
Thursday, September 26th, 2002
7:17 pm
I have no idea where I've been for the last few weeks (?!). I thought I was just taking a nap. This has occasionally happened once or twice through history, I slept through the entire 50's. Woke up in 62.

Now I see that Bob's gone. That makes Eris want to type an emoticon of sad frowniness.


There. I've done it.

I'm sort of wondering which other gods are still hanging around and going strong. Any news anyone?

What's been going on in all you mortals lives? Have you learned anything new and interesting that you'd like to share? Seen or done anything uniformly bizarre or concretely normal to the point of weirdness?

Hmmm. *Yawn*

Someone pass me a quad shot vanilla latte. Not from starbucks, thank you.
Wednesday, September 25th, 2002
9:42 am
*Stumble* *stumble* *stumble*

*turn light on* Fuck that's bright! *turn light off*

I feel like that sad bitch from madonna's truth or dare... I don't really remember what happened last night, and my ass feels funny.

Plus, I think it's been more than a night... crap, there goes my time sense.
Saturday, July 27th, 2002
10:01 pm
Okay, Eris needs to recuperate from partying a little hard. So, I'm going camping for a couple days.

I'll leave you with this, a sufi parable, retold and paraphrased by me.

There once was a teacher with many students who lived in a medium sized village. One day he got up, saddled his ass and started riding it at breakneck speed back and forth through the town for the entire day. His students stared on, at first worried, finally stupified and unable to comprehend what he was doing.
Dusk was falling and the teacher was still riding back and forth. The poor ass was worn out, sweat foaming on his sides, his tounge hanging out, his eyes showing white.
Finally one of the students yelled out, "master! What are you doing?! Where are you going?!"

The teacher yelled back, continuing to ride forward, "I'm looking for my ass!"

Think about. Seriously.
If you have an idea about what this is about, share it here, talk about it. I'll come back and talk about it, too, if anybody wants me to.
Friday, July 26th, 2002
5:26 pm
Just a quick note.

A "loser" is somebody who loses.

A "looser" is a word signifying that the subject misusing it for "loser," is in fact, a loser.

You're is a contraction of the words "you" and "are." You use it whereever you would use "you are." Say a sentence in your head first by saying "you are" to know if that is what you mean. If it is, please use "you're"

Your is a pronoun implying ownership. Your car, your cat, your thoughts, your inability to use the correct words with the correct spellings.

Thank you.
3:33 pm
Here's an idea.

Perhaps, in actuality, we all already treat others the way we ourselves want to be treated. When we act lovingly we want to be loved, when we act painfully we want to be pained.

Going with that idea, if that is true does it give you any compassion for how to then act towards the actions of yourself and others?
4:03 am
Preface: I know that everybody has opinions on this subject, and taht whereever we go with them, there they are just being opinions. So I'm going to just give my opinion about this matter.


A huge majority of us seem to be obsessed with love. With being in love and experiencing love and knowing love and sharing love.
First, I'll start with my definition of love.
In general, I think that mostly we don't interact with people. We talk with them or at them or whatever. We hear the things they say through veils of our own meanings. We see the things they do the same way. When people do or say one thing it means one thing to us, even though it probably meant something else (possibly even a close something else, but still something else) to them. When we say the sky is blue in our world, do we know that the blue that I think of when I think of sky and see it is the same as the blue you think of and see?
So, I think, love is when you stop filtering the things people do or say to you through so many veils. It's when you remove them one by one until you see the same picture, even if you don't always agree on what picture you want to see, you know that you both see it. Love is letting someone be who they are, incarnately, instead of just another thing in your world that you interact with.

Now, that does not assume that love is singular. You can love one or many this way.

It is, in fact, unconditional. When you understand and accept a person, you do it wholy and fully, unable to reject it anymore than you can truly reject yourself (except perhaps through suicide).It does not mean that everything they do or think is okay. Anymore than everything you do or think is okay to yourself.
Sometimes in loving (and thus coming to a full understanding of them) a person, it might become necessary to remove them from society. Perhaps they are sociopaths. Whatever.
But that [love] means you never close your eyes to them.

All the cliches about it has to start with yourself are true also. If you really do want to reject yourself or hate yourself for the things you do, or whatever, how can you ever feel differently about another person.

You must realise your own divinity before you can realise the divinity of others.

Assignment for today: realise the divinity of someone in your life. If you haven't started with yourself, then start there.

You, every single one of you, us, all of us, are a manifestation of divinity. We are thinking, creating, understanding forces that move throught the universe.

As Heinlein put it in Stranger in a Strange Land, "all that groks is god."

Grok is the best word for love I've ever run across. It is the perfect word for the enlightened unconditional state of acceptance, flow, love, sharing, understanding, thinking, and so much more. It is the jewel in the lotus.

You are the jewel in the lotus.
Wednesday, July 24th, 2002
6:30 pm
Did you know that Eris is a pesce-vegetarian?

And not a, "you suck if you eat meat I'm so much better than you," pesce-vegetarian, either.

I mean, truly, pesce vegetarianism isn't all that vegetarian considering it includes fishes.

Tonight for dinner I made a huge pot of peaceful bunny pasta with onions and sliced up boca italian sausages. (peaceful bunny pasta is made by adding together annie's bunny shape "yummy cheese" pasta and peace paramesan pasta), and a big loaf of garlic bread. Yummy.

Tomorrow I think we'll have salmon with mashed potatoes and corn on the cob. Or pizza.
2:19 pm
Sorry today's question/thought is sorta half/assed, Eris has an excruciating headache.
2:14 pm
Continuing on with bob_dot_com 's work, here's my shit for today...

What is your addiction? This is one day addicted culture, and I find it hard to believe that nearly every single one of you doesn't have at least one addiction. Cigarettes, drugs, alcohol sure, but also, porn, pain, the net (livejournal perhaps?), dancing, sleep, driving, talking, piercing, tattooing, etc.

Is your addiction keeping you from facing life full on? When things get shitty do you retreat a little farther back?

Are you willing to quit?
Tuesday, July 23rd, 2002
11:50 pm
Oh, and always remember, if you're sitting up at night or day thinking weird shit and want to share it, mail me at eris_dot_com@yahoo.com or aim me at dotcomeris.

Who's your buddy?

Eris is your buddy.
11:28 pm
Btw, would someone please tell shubby_dot_com that he/she/they/it seems to have developed quite a serious fishy smell. Perhaps a shower would be in their interest. I would, but frankly, shubby freaks the divine doodoo outta me.

Freaky fuck.

Damn, I don't think I'm even in the same hemipshere, or even reality plane as that thing and it still stinks like an unholy shat out pile of seaweed left to ferment in milk for the past millenia.

Monday, July 22nd, 2002
9:38 pm
I know, this is sorta Bob's usual area, but I really feel a need to talk about this right now.

I've noticed that shame and secrecy is a mind bendingly bad part of the human psyche. I've also noticed that nearly every single one of us carries with us at least one thing that we've done, or thought, or wanted to do, or had done to us that has made us shameful of ourselves. That makes us think that if other people knew about it, they wouldn't love, respect or accept us any longer.

Stop and think about that for a second. Think about the fact that nearly every single person thinks that. Everybody. So if we're all just running around thinking to ourselves that we're each individually and personally fucked up in a way that makes it so other people can't love us if they knew, then maybe our fuckedupness isn't that unique. Maybe that shit you've been carrying on your shoulders hiding from people isn't shit you have to hide.

You are each one of you unique and beautiful. Each one. Sincerely. I've had some people tell me some fucked up shit, and they were unique and beautiful also.
I don't care if you still pee the bed and you're 34, you accidentally killed a kitten when you were 7, your brother molested you (and maybe it didn't always feel that bad, which sometimes made it feel worse), you shoot up, snort up, smoke up, drop, stop and roll. You could fucking put barbie clothes on your dick and you're still not unique in your fuckedupness (sincerely, I knew a guy who did this).

Be brave, tell a secret. Please, tell them here, tell them anonymously, tell them nonanonymously and try to tell them to the people you love also.

Spill people, what are you afraid of people knowing about you?
12:22 pm
I hate spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.

Not a lot though.

Just a little, and only my own.
12:13 pm
Okay, so this cam eup because of santa_dot_com asking people what they want for xmas.

Me, I want to not have the incredibly lame holiday be so widely inflicted on the general populace of those in the western hemisphere.

We simply aren't all xtians. We aren't even all pagans, we aren't even all atheists. We're lots of different shit, and quite a lot of those don't celebrate xmas.

I've heard lots of atheists or agnostics talk about how xmas is just a simple general holiday now. Lots of gifts, fun for kids.

Fuck that. Why do we have to have one sanitized holiday?

Why not have a holiday a month? Why not start a holiday day amongst yourselves and your friends/loved ones? Say, for instance, every 23rd. The 23rd every month can turn into a day when you all try to check in with eachother, expressing how you feel, perhaps giving gifts if you want (or not), all getting together to eat, whatever. Go to the park with eachother. Go out dancing. Get everyone together and go out to the movies.

Do this every month. If a particular date is too hard with you and yours why not pick a particular day? Like the third friday of every month, or some such?

Let go of the sanitized holidays that are based on shit you don't even believe in anyway, perpetuating cliches that do more harm than good (often) and start bringing the sacred observance of the movement of life to yourself on a scale more immediate than once during winter, once during fall and once during spring.

If you think it would just be confusing or sad or whatever to give up christmas, think about how much fun it's going to be to get januaryday, or julyday. You'll still have decemberday, too. Fuck, give them silly names too. Have fun.
Saturday, July 20th, 2002
2:04 pm
Okay, so, it's been asked, what's up with the apple, and what's written on it... so here's the story, those of you who know it, feel free to skip.

So, a long time ago there was this wedding on Mount Pelion. Everybody was invited, gods, goddesses, heros, you get the idea. Well, everybody except for me. I found this to be a bit obnoxious, and frankly, I was tired of the bickering, slandering, cheating, lying, maiming, and truly unhealthy competition (afterall, the only reason Thetis had to marry was that Zeus fell in love with her and then was told that their potential future children would overthrow him, so Zeus made her marry Peleus, his grandson). So, I went to Hephaistos (who evidentally was just too preoccupied to bother attending) and told him about it and told him of an idea I had, and he helped me make it up. Some say it was made of beautiful goldleaf bud, others say pure gold, but either way, what we came up with was a golden apple. On the apple, I wrote, "kallisti," which means "for the fairest." I then took this apple and went to the wedding. Naturally when I got to the gate, they told me my name wasn't on the list. So I threw my apple in. And it rolled... right to the feet of Hera, Athena and Aphrodite.

Each one of them immediately assumed the apple was for them. It occured to none of them that it belonged to all. That everyone strives only with themselves, truly, and everyone has the capability of being the fairest in the universe.

The wedding was in shatters. Goddesses, gods and heros alike all fought over who was the fairest of these three. Finally Zeus steps forward and says that only a mortal can be be impartial enough to decide this, and he points out this poor sap named Paris, Prince of Troy.

Everybody agrees.

Night falls.

During the night Hera visits Paris. She points out the worlds greatest kingdom and tells him it will be his if only he chooses her.
Paris considers this and goes back to sleep. Then Athena visits Paris. She tells him she will grant him wisdom uncomparable. He will know all, if only... he chooses her.
Paris considers this, and goes back to sleep. Aphrodite appears next to the sleeping Paris. He wakes, aware of her presence and is stunned by the most beautiful and desirable naked being he has ever seen. Morning wood like you can't believe. She stretches and coos, showing off every inch of her to it's teasingly best light, and says, "Paris, I am a goddess, you cannot have me, you are mortal... but... there is a woman who lives in Sparta. Her name is Helen and her image is as mine, precisely. Choose me, and she is yours..." So saying, she disappears. Paris does not go back to sleep.

Paris does indeed choose Aphrodite. He goes to Sparta to retrieve Helen, only to find out that Aphrodite forgot to mention the slight detail that Helen is married to the hero Menelaus. At this point, he is so enraptured that he must have her, though. So he steals her and takes her back to Troy with him, and thus was begun the Trojan War.

All because a bunch of goddesses can't get their act together and share the title of divinity.

Over the years my followers have come to adopt the golden apple as symbolic of me and the confusion and chaos that follows me.

For more information or stories on Discordian or Erisian thoughts, read The Principia Discordia (my web page link from my journal), The Illimunatus Trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea (with many related books also by Robert Anton Wilson), or The Ilead or The Odyssey by Homer. Just for a start.
Thursday, July 18th, 2002
11:56 am
Crap, I meant to say, at the end there at the last post (but satan is right, livejournal has been acting wonky) is that nearly all the info at the Theoi project about me is either incorrect or overstated.
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